First WheatCAP UAS Workshop

On January 27th, 2022 we held our first workshop on the applications of unmanned aerial systems in our project. Below you can find the list of presentations, slides and YouTube links.

  • Brief introduction of the team and opening remarks – Amir Ibrahim (slides, video)
  • General overview of UAS-HTP at TX wheat breeding programs – Shannon Baker (slides, video)
  • Platforms and Sensors – Jinha Jung (slides, video)
  • Standard data collection procedures – Shannon Baker and Jinha Jung (slides, video)
  • Raw data preparation before uploading in the Wheat CAP UAS Hub – Jose Landivar (slides, video)
  • Utilizing Wheat CAP UAS Hub – Mahendra Bhandari (video)

NEW (Sept. 2022) UAS User Manual for the WheatCAP project