2023 Annual WheatCAP Meeting

Introduction and Project Overview (J. Dubcovsky)

Student Educational Activities (A.P. Haugrud, K. Running)

Application of UAS phenotyping in wheat breeding programs

Six Years of Wheat UAS Phenotyping at TAMU (S. Baker, TAMU)

The Ups and Downs of UAS in Washington wheat breeding (A. Carter, WSU)

Genotyping tools and resources

a) Medium density genotyping platforms for wheat breeding (G. Brown-Guedira, USDA ARS NC)

b) Medium density genotyping platforms for wheat breeding (Jason Fiedler U(SDA ARS ND)

Genotyping tools and resources

Genotype imputation using Wheat PHG (Katherine Jordan)

T3 database and its implementation in breeding programs

Update on T3 database (Clay Birkett, USDA ARS)

How Breedbase Helps Our Breeding Program (Jessica Rutkoski, UIUC)

Genomic resources and their utilization in plant breeding

Genomic resources for identifying functional variants associated with agronomic traits (E. Akhunov, KSU)

-regulatory diversity using new promoter capture assay (J. Dubcovsky, UC Davis)

Allele mining for improving grain yield potential in optimum environments

Cloning of TaCol-B5 and its applications in wheat breeding (Liluing Yan, OSU)

A network modeling approach provides insights into the environment-specific yield architecture of wheat (N. DeWitt, LSU)

Introgression and characterization of climate-adaptive alleles from wild relatives (M. Nyine, KSU)