QTL Cloning: Washington State University

arron carter

Co-PI: Arron Carter (ahcarter@wsu.edu)

mike pumphrey

Co-PI: Mike Pumphrey (m.pumphrey@wsu.edu)

Our project will focus on the characterization and cloning of a QTL detected on chromosome 4AL that is linked to spike length (LOD=7.87; R2=12%), kernels per spike (LOD=6.55; R2=13%), and thousand kernel weight (LOD=6.52; R2=11%).  This QTL was identified in a biparental population of 190 RILs developed from a cross between Washington elite spring wheat cultivars Kelse (PI 653842) and Scarlet (PI 601814). The genetic linkage map was constructed using SNP markers from the Illumina 90K array and genotype-by-sequencing. The population was evaluated under irrigated conditions over three years in two environments (Central Ferry and Othello, WA). In addition to its effect under optimum growing conditions, the 4AL QTL was also detected when the population was exposed to heat stress. Aside from these yield components, the population is also segregating for grain quality traits and Hessian fly resistance. We have developed KASP markers to identify RIL that are heterozygous in the QTL region and will be grown both in the greenhouse and field in 2017.

chromosome 4a chart