WheatCAP Education Advisory Board

Members from Industry involved in the interactions between industry and academia and in training for the private breeding industry:

Jason Rauscher. CORTEVA. Academic Relations Manager. He is an advocate of science and education. He leverages his experience in academia, research, secondary education, and industry to foster mutually beneficial interactions between academia and the private sector in the agricultural and biological sciences.


Members from Academia involved in breeders’ training and science communications

Allen van Deynze.  University of California, Davis. Cofounder and primary instructor of the Plant Breeding Academy,  trained 388 breeders in 60 countries so far and >8000 people in online and in-person professional courses.




Maricelis Acevedo. Research Professor, Department of Global Development. Cornell University. Co-director of Masters of Professional Studies in Global Development, Department of Global Development. International Research Professor (Joint), School of Integrative Plant Science Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Section.


A picture of Jason Rauscher.



A picture of Allen van Deynze.




A picture of Maricelis Acevedo.